Sai Gong Chong (賽熕銃)

Ming Dynasty Field Gun
A Sai Gong Chong and its ramrod, from 'Bing Lu (《兵錄》)'.
Sai Gong Chong (賽熕銃 or 賽貢銃, lit. 'Gun that can match a Fa Gong') is another cannon designed by Ming general Qi Ji Guang (戚繼光). Sai Gong Chong is a three chi long muzzle-loading cannon. It is usually loaded with one large lead cannonball weighing half catty, a departure from the standard practice of using multiple smaller shots in most forms of Ming artillery.

Sai Gong Chong is a Jack of All Trades design that combines the portability of arquebus, reloading speed of Fo Lang Ji (佛狼機) and firepower of Fa Gong (發熕). While it obviously cannot surpass these weapons in their respective advantages, Sai Gong Chong is nevertheless a very versatile design. The practice of using one large cannonball greatly simplifies reloading process, so Sai Gong Chong has comparable firing rate as Fo Lang Ji. As it is a muzzle-loader, Sai Gong Chong is naturally more powerful than breech-loading Fo Lang Ji.

Judging from the drawing, Sai Gong Chong might be derived from the Fo Lang Ji design.

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