Li Hua Qiang (梨花鎗)

Chinese Fire Lance
Drawing of a Li Hua Qiang, from 'Chou Hai Tu Bian (《筹海图编》)'.
Li Hua Qiang (梨花鎗, lit. 'Pear blossom spear') is commonly thought to be the quintessential fire lance. However, it is actually very atypical for a fire lance-type weapon. Li Hua Qiang mounts a paper or reusable iron tube on its shaft instead of bamboo Pen Tong (噴筒) like other fire lances. It is also longer than most fire lances, as it is converted from a Chang Qiang (長鎗).

Zhao Shi Zhen's modified Li Hua Qiang
Chinese Fire Spear
Zhao Shi Zhen's modified Li Hua Qiang, from 'Shen Qi Pu (《神器譜》)'.
Ming Dynasty firearm specialist Zhao Shi Zhen (趙士幀) also devised a modification for Li Hua Qiang. It is simply a Li Hua Qiang with two extra tube that are all connected to a single fuse. Zhao Shi Zhen's Li Hua Qiang can project a stream of flame for longer period than ordinary fire lances.

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