17 August 2017

Zhong Huo Ku (種火庫)

Chinese ignition device
Components of a Zhong Huo Ku, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Zhong Huo Ku (種火庫, lit. 'Fire seed storage') is a type of passive firing mechanism used to trigger land mines and rocket pods, particularly Shen Huo Jian Ping (神火箭屏). Designed to be a cheaper alternative to Gang Lun Fa Huo (鋼輪發火), it is simpler and faster to build, but less reliable and can only stay active for a maximum of ten days before its incandescent material requires replacement.

The workings of Zhong Huo Ku
Zhong Huo Ku is even more simple than Gang Lun Fa Huo, as it is really just a creative application of the principles used in pitfall trap. The pictures below, drawn by me using Adobe Illustrator, show the workings of Zhong Huo Ku.

A Zhong Huo Ku in ready position.

Triggered Zhong Huo Ku.

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