Di Lei Zha Ying (地雷炸營)

Ming Chinese Anti-personnel fragmentation mine
Components of Di Le Zha Ying (top), assembled land mine (middle) and concealed land mine (bottom), from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Di Lei Zha Ying (地雷炸營, lit. 'Ground thunder exploding camp') is a type of Chinese land mine designed for anti-personnel use. Developed during late Ming period, Di Lei Zha Ying is unique among Ming land mines in that it is not a blast mine but a fragmentation mine.

Di Lei Zha Ying is assembled from three major components: A thin round wooden plank that serves as cover, a thick round wooden plank that serves as base, and eight oil-treated bamboo tubes. Each of these tubes is filled with gunpowder and numerous lead and iron pellets, then sealed with wax. The land mine is connected to a fuse linked to Gang Lun Fa Huo (鋼輪發火), and can be set to passively triggered (using tripwire, pressure plate or similar devices) or manually activated. Once triggered, Di Lei Zha Ying shoots the pellets upwards over a large area.

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