26 December 2016

Xing Nu Qiang (行女牆)

Ming Chinese Mobile Fortress
Drawing of a Xing Nu Qiang, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Xing Nu Qiang (行女牆, lit. 'Moving woman wall' or 'Moving battlement') is a type of Chinese mobile fortress. It is essentially a miniaturised fortress built on wheels, complete with battlement, arrowslits and even a gate tower.

While Xing Nu Qiang is a siege weapon that is somewhat similar to a siege tower or Lu Gong Che (呂公車), it is not employed in the same manner as an ordinary siege tower. Instead, Xing Nu Qiang is probably used as a fortified mobile command post during siege.

Like Lu Gong Che, it was hardly ever used by the Ming army.

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