28 November 2015

Huo Jian Dao Liu Xing (火箭刀溜形)

Drawing of a Huo Jian Dao Liu Xing (highlighted), from 'Shen Qi Pu Huo Wen (《神器譜或問》)'
Huo Jian Dao Liu Xing (火箭刀溜形, can be roughly translated to 'Rocket slip blade') is a polearm designed by Zhao Shi Zhen (趙士楨), likely as an alternative to Tang Pa (鎲鈀). It is similar to Dian Guang Jian (電光劍), but has differently shaped blade. Huo Jian Dao Liu Xing has two iron rings installed on the flat of its blade. The rings serve as arrow rest and hold the rocket in place for easier aiming.

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