25 November 2015

Guo Chu Shuang Tou Qiang (國初雙頭鎗)

Ming Dynasty Twin Handgonne
Drawing of a Guo Chu Shuang Tou Qiang (highlighted), from 'Shen Qi Pu (《神器譜》)'.
Guo Chu Shuang Tou Qiang (國初雙頭鎗, lit. 'Twin-headed spear from the early years of the Ming Dynasty') is the double-barreled version of Guo Chu San Yan Qiang (國初三眼鎗). It is supposedly the progenitor of a type of double-barreled handgonne known as Shuang Tou Qiang (雙頭鎗), but no such weapon existed. In fact, Shuang Tou Qiang usually refers to a double-ended spear (i.e. a spear with spearheads at both ends).

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