Da Bang (大棒) and Jia Dao Gun (夾刀棍)

Chinese Quarterstaff
A Da Bang and a detached Ya Zui, from 'Ji Xiao Xin Shu (《紀效新書》)'.
A Da Bang (大棒, 'Big club' or 'Big staff') , also known as Gun (棍, staff) or Bai Bang (白棒, 'White club' or 'White staff') is the Chinese version of quarterstaff. It measured seven chi in length and three jin eight liang in weigh. The Chinese had a long history of using quarterstaff as battlefield weapon, especially in Northwest China.

The Jia Dao Gun (夾刀棍, lit. 'Staff with clamped blade') is a modified Da Bang devised by general Qi Ji Guang (戚繼光) after he discovered the difficulties of using a quarterstaff on horseback. A short blade measuring two to five cun in length called Ya Zui (鴨嘴, lit. 'Duck beak') is mounted on one end of the quarterstaff so that it can be used like a short spear while mounted.


  1. So Jia Dao Gun is a basically short spear?

    1. I just call it bladed quarterstaff, since it doesn't mount a proper spear head......but yeah, it technically counts.