18 February 2015

Fan Jiang Hun Hai Fei Bo Shen Jia (翻江混海飛波神甲)

Ming Chinese Life Jacket
Fei Bo Jia, from  Jin Tang Jie Zhu Shi Er Chou (《金湯借箸十二籌》). However the armour depicted in the picture looks nothing like the description.
Fan Jiang Hun Hai Fei Bo Shen Jia (翻江混海飛波神甲, lit. 'Divine armour of river crossing, ocean muddling and flying waves'), often shortened to Fei Bo Jia (飛波甲, lit. 'Flying waves armour') is a very unique scale armour made of gourd shells attached to a backing of oil treated silk, or alternatively with swan or goose feathers (specifically down feathers). It is said that this armour is waterproof and functions as a life jacket.

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