Jia Ba Chong (夾把銃)

Jia Ba Chong (夾把銃, can be written as 夾靶銃, 夾欛銃 and 夾耙銃, lit. 'Fastened handle gun'), also Jia Ba Qiang (夾把鎗, lit. 'Fastened handle spear') is a type of handgonne that has a tang instead of socket. The tang is fastened between two pieces of flat wooden shafts, giving rise to its name. Jia Ba Chong usually comes with fixed spear attachment.

There are several variants of Jia Ba Chong, detailed below:

Lian Bing Shi Ji (《練兵實紀》) variant
Ming Chinese Handgonne
Drawing of a Kuai Qiang, from 'Lian Bing Za Ji (《練兵雜紀》)'.
Lian Bing Shi Ji variant of Jia Ba Chong is simply a variant of Kuai Qiang (快鎗) with an extra iron shaft fastened on, so that it can be used as a (more dangerous version of the) quarterstaff.

Bing Lu (《兵錄》) variant
Drawing of a Jia Ba Chong with superposed load (highlighted), from 'Bing Lu (《兵錄》)'.
Bing Lu variant of Jia Ba Chong is a superposed load handgonne with five touch holes. It can discharge five shots before needing to reload.

Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》) variant
Drawing of a double-barreled Jia Ba Chong, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Wu Bei Zhi variant of Jia Ba Chong is a three-pronged fork with two separate handgonne attachments.

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