Dao Chong (刀銃)

Dao Chong (刀銃, lit. 'Gun sabre')
Ming Dynasty gunblade
Drawings of Dao Chong, from 'Jun Qi Tu Shuo (《軍器圖說》)'.
Dao Chong is a single-edged sword with a hidden handgonne in its hilt. The handgonne is discharged at unsuspecting enemy at close range before the sword is drawn, either wounding or killing the enemy outright or leave him too shocked to defend against follow-up attacks.

Ri Ben Dao Chong (日本銃, lit. 'Japanese gun sabre')
Drawing of a Ri Ben Chong Dao, from 'Bing Lu (《兵錄》)'.
The usual method of employing Dao Chong naturally lend itself towards iaijutsu (いあいじゅつ or 居合術) style of combat. Before long, Dao Chong was modified with a Japanese blade to better utilise quick-draw techniques. Nevertheless, Ri Ben Chong Dao is still a one-handed weapon that can be used in conjunction with a rattan shield.