2 September 2016

Shen Wei Lie Huo Ye Cha Chong (神威烈火夜叉銃)

UPDATED MAY 24, 2022

Drawing of a Shen Wei Lie Huo Ye Cha Chong, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Shen Wei Lie Huo Ye Cha Chong (神威烈火夜叉銃, lit. 'Divine might raging fire Yaksha gun'), also known as Tie Zui Shen Wei Chong (鐵嘴神威銃, lit. 'Iron-mouthed divine might gun'), can refer to any handgonne that is loaded with a special incendiary gun dart, essentially a gun-launched version of Gong She Huo Tuo Liu Jian (弓射火拓榴箭). The gun dart is actually a modified wooden sabot with a poisoned triple-barbed arrow fixed to it, as well as a cloth pouch containing incendiary gunpowder tied to the arrow shaft using iron wires. To increase the burning intensity of the projectile, sometimes even the sabot is hollowed out and filled with additional gunpowder.

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