6 December 2015

Equipment of a Ming soldier — Crossbowman

Basic equipment
Nu Jian Tong (弩箭筒, lit. 'Crossbow arrow cylinder')
Ming Chinese Crossbow Quiver
Drawing of a Jian Tong, from 'Jue Zhang Xin Fa (《蹶張心法》)'.
Nu Jian Tong is a quiver for crossbow arrow.

Shang Nu Xian Yao Ban (上弩弦腰絆, lit. 'Crossbow stringing belt')
Ming Chinese Crossbow Stringer
Drawing of a Shang Nu Xian Yao Ban, from 'Jue Zhang Xin Fa (《蹶張心法》)'.
Shang Nu Xian Yao Ban is a crossbow stringer.

Xue Nu Jian Dao (削弩箭刀, lit. 'Crossbow arrow trimming knife')
Ming Chinese Crossbowman's Dagger
Xue Nu Jian Dao, from 'Jue Zhang Xin Fa (《蹶張心法》)'.
Xue Nu Jian Dao is a short knife used to trim arrow shaft.

Xue Nu Jian Dao Shao (削弩箭刀鞘, lit. 'Crossbow arrow trimming knife scabbard')
Ming Chinese Crossbowman's Knife Scabbard
Drawing of a Xue Nu Jian Dao Shao, from 'Jue Zhang Xin Fa (《蹶張心法》)'.
Xue Nu Jian Dao Shao is the scabbard of Xue Nu Jian Dao.

Nu Jian Duan (弩箭端, crossbow arrow straightener)
Ming Chinese Crossbow Bolt Straightener
Drawing of a Nu Jian Duan, from 'Jue Zhang Xin Fa (《蹶張心法》)'.
Nu Jian Duan is an arrow straightener for crossbow.

Sheng Yao Hu (盛藥壺, lit 'Poison-storing pot')
Ming Chinese Poison Bottle
Drawing of a Sheng Yao Hu (left), from 'Jue Zhang Xin Fa (《蹶張心法》)'.
Sheng Yao Hu is a tin bottle used to store arrow poison.

Xi Ban (膝絆, lit. 'Knee-belt') and Jiao Suo (腳索, lit. 'Leg-rope')
Ming Chinese Crossbow Stirrup
Drawing of Jiao Suo (left) and Xi Ban (right), from 'Jue Zhang Xin Fa (《蹶張心法》)'.
Knee stirrup and foot stirrup are used to span Jue Zhang Nu (蹶張弩).

Extra equipment for heavy crossbow
These equipment are specifically designed for Yao Kai Nu (腰開弩).

Jian Tong (箭筒, lit. 'Arrow cylinder')
Chinese Crossbow Quiver
Drawing of a Jian Tong, from 'Jue Zhang Xin Fa (《蹶張心法》)'.
Jian Tong is identical to standard crossbow quiver, except it is longer and must be hanged below the left armpit. Standard belt quiver gets in the way of reloading Yao Kai Nu as the crossbowman has to reload while sitting down.

Yao Gou (腰鈎, lit. 'Waist-hook') and Yao Ban (腰絆, lit. 'Waist-belt')
Ming Chinese Belt-hook spanning device
Drawing of Yao Ban (left) and Yao Gou (right), from 'Jue Zhang Xin Fa (《蹶張心法》)'.
Belt-hook spanning devise is required to span Yao Kai Nu.

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