21 September 2015

San Jian Liang Ren Dao (三尖兩刃刀)

Ming Chinese Three Point Double Edged Blade
Drawing of a San Jian Liang Ren Dao (highlighted), from 'Si Zhen San Guan Zhi (《四鎮三關志》)'.
San Jian Liang Ren Dao (三尖兩刃刀, lit. 'Three points double edged blade'), also known as Er Lang Dao (二郎刀) because of its association with Chinese war deity Er Lang Shen (二郎神), is a versatile but sadly underrepresented Chinese polearm.

Like its namesake, San Jian Liang Ren Dao has three points and two long, slightly flared cutting edges. The three points of San Jian Liang Ren Dao allow it to parry, or even bind, opponent's weapon effectively while retaining the ability to deliver powerful stabs, while its forward-weighted cutting edges render it a devastating chopping weapon.

Being symmetrical, San Jian Liang Ren Dao is also better balanced than other multipurpose polearms such as halberd.


  1. how is blade ratio? I find blafe ratio is very vary depends on depiction yet actual antics are typical polarm like ratio


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