23 April 2015

Er Hu Zhui Yang Jian (二虎追羊箭)

Chinese Twin Engine Incendiary Rocket
Drawing of a Er Hu Zhui Yang Jian, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Er Hu Zhui Yang Jian (二虎追羊箭, lit. 'Two tigers chasing goat arrow')  is a dual engine rocket modified from an ordinary arrow. It comes with a three-pronged poisoned arrowhead, a poison smoke-cum-incendiary warhead mounted just below the arrowhead, as well as two black powder rocket motors mounted near its fletching. The warhead and both rockets are connected to a single fuse.

The design of Er Hu Zhui Yang Jian is much more sensible than either Shen Huo Fei Ya (神火飛鴉) or Huo Long Chu Shui (火龍出水), as it is still comparatively easy to ignite both rockets at nearly the same time to achieve stable flight.

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