Equipment of a Ming soldier — Archer

Basic equipment
Ming Dynasty Quiver
Archery equipment, from 'Jing Guo Xiong Lue (《經國雄略》)'.
Chinese Archery Thumb Ring
Different views of thumb ring, from 'Jing Guo Xiong Lue (《經國雄略》)'.

Basic equipment of a Ming archer include:
  • Gong Dai (弓袋, bow bag): Bow scabbard. It is also known as Gong Shu (弓蜀), Gong Cha (弓靫) and Gong Chang (弓韔).
  • Jian Tong (箭筒, lit. 'Arrow cylinder'): Quiver. It is also known as Jian Dai (箭袋, arrow bag), Jian Cha (箭靫), Jian Hu (箭壺, arrow jug), Hu Lu (胡簶, quiver) and Gong Jian Hu Lu (弓箭葫蘆, lit. 'Arrow gourd').
  • Shou Xiu (手袖, lit. 'Hand sleeve'): Archery bracer. Chinese archery bracer is usually made of fabric material.
  • Zhi Ji  (指機, lit. 'Finger machine'): Archery thumb ring, also known as She (韘). Thumb ring with tab and groove is known as Ma Ti Ji (馬蹄機, lit. 'Horse hoof machine').

Other equipment
Pei Ji (佩機)
Thumb Ring Carrier
Drawing of a Pei Ji (highlighted), from 'Wu Bei Yao Lue (《武備要略》)'.
Pei Ji is a thumb ring carrier. It can be worn like a pendant.

Jian Duan (箭端, arrow straightener)
Ming Dynasty arrow straightener
Drawing of a Jian Duan, from 'Wu Bei Yao Lue (《武備要略》)'.
Jian Duan is usually made of soft wood such as the root of a coconut tree.


  1. Do you have any information how belts looked like back then?

    1. It's not in my research focus, but there are numerous Ming period belts survived, so I think there must be some detailed studies out there.