Zhui Feng Qiang (追風槍)

Late Ming Dynasty Firearm
Drawing of a Zhui Feng Qiang, from 'Jun Qi Tu Shuo (《軍器圖說》)'.
Zhui Feng Qiang (追風槍, lit. 'Wind chaser gun') is a type of late Ming Dynasty improved handgonne that is designed to keep up with the performance of an arquebus. Zhui Feng Qiang has a very long barrel, and comes with a stock, front sight and rear sight. It can be handled and aimed with both hands, but requires a second operator to ignite the charge. Despite being a handgonne, it is actually more accurate than an arquebus, and just as powerful.

Da Zhui Feng Qiang (大追風鎗, lit. 'Big wind chaser gun')
Late Ming Dynasty Gun
Drawing of a Da Zhui Feng Qiang, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Da Zhui Feng Qiang is slightly heavier than Zhui Feng Qiang, and comes with a a longer stock. It is usually mounted on an iron tripod, as it is loaded with twice the charge of a Zhui Feng Qiang, and shoots a significantly heavier lead ball.

It still requires two operators.

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