31 January 2024

Qiang Chong (鎗銃)

Drawing of a Qiang Chong and its ramrod, from 'Wu Bei Ji Yao (《武備集要》)'.

Qiang Chong (鎗銃, lit. 'Gun spear') is, as its name suggests, a combination of a spear and a gun. It consists of a two chi long gun barrel mounted on a five chi long spear shaft, with two five cun long spearheads (or possibly one spearhead forged in two halves) mounted near the muzzle, as well as a two cun long butt spike mounted on the rear end of the spear shaft. The gun part of Qiang Chong has a three fen calibre, and is typically loaded with two maces five candareens of gunpowder as well as a one mace six candareens lead bullet (which is roughly half the weight of a typical Ming arquebus bullet). 

Unusually among many hybrid gun-polearms in the Ming arsenal, Qiang Chong is equipped with a proper matchlock mechanism as well as iron sights, and does not have an overly fancy name. It should also not to be confused with another weapon with the same name.

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