3 May 2017

Shen Xian Zi Fa Pai Che Chong (神仙自發排車銃)

Chinese Siege Defense Spiked Log
Drawing of a Shen Xian Zi Fa Pai Che Chong, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Shen Xian Zi Fa Pai Che Chong (神仙自發排車銃, lit. 'Immortal's self-firing wheel gun'), also known as Shen Xian Zi Fa Pai Cha Chong (神仙自發排叉銃, lit. 'Immortal's self-firing fork gun') and Shen Huo Dao Chong (神火刀銃, lit. 'Divine fire bladed gun'), is a weapon that is very similar to Ping Guang Bu Zhan Sui Di Gun (平曠步戰隨地滾), but takes the concept even further. The weapon is made of a hollowed tree trunk filled with gunpowder and comes with multiple poisoned spikes, guns, flamethrowers, and poison smoke tubes. It also has a waterproofed fuse that is wired in such a way that the guns and flamethrowers will fire in succession (instead of firing everything at the same time).

Unlike Ping Guang Bu Zhan Sui Di Gun, this weapon is not thrown by hand or rolled down a slope, nor does it propelled by rockets. Instead, both ends of the tree trunk are tethered by iron chain to a crane mounted on top of fortress wall. It is to be dropped onto besieging troops during siege defence. Essentially, the weapon functions as a gunblazing, fire-and-smoke spewing, spiked swinging log trap.

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