17 January 2016

Mu Nu Qiang (木女牆)

Ming Chinese Gulyay-gorod
Drawing of a Mu Nu Qiang, from 'Deng Tang Bi Jiu (《登壇必究》)'.
Mu Nu Qiang (木女牆, lit. 'Wooden woman's wall'), also known as Mu Nu Tou (木女頭, lit. 'Wooden woman's head') is basically a wooden wall on wheels. Mu Nu Qiang is named after the Chinese term for battlement, Nu Qiang (女牆, lit. 'Woman's wall'), and is used as an emergency replacement for damaged battlement. It is very similar to Gulyay-gorod (Гуля́й-го́род).

Ming Chinese Wagon Wall
Alternate design of Mu Nu Qiang, also from 'Deng Tan Bi Jiu (《登壇必究》)'.

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