Zuan Feng Shen Huo Liu Xing Pao (鑽風神火流星砲)

Ming Chinese Cast Iron Bomb
Drawing of a Zuan Feng Shen Huo Liu Xing Pao, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.

Zuan Feng Shen Huo Liu Xing Pao (鑽風神火流星砲, lit. 'Wind-boring divine fire shooting star bomb'), sometimes shortened to simply Feng Huo Liu Xing Pao (風火流星砲, lit. 'Wind and fire shooting star bomb') or Liu Xing Pao (流星砲, lit. 'Shooting star bomb'), is a cast iron bomb that can be filled with three to six types of gunpowders for different purposes. It is usually filled with incendiary, poison smoke and blinding dust gunpowder, although other options such as blinding smoke and fragmentation are also available. The bomb also comes with four separate fuses to prevent the enemy from defusing the bomb before it explodes.

Zuan Feng Shen Huo Liu Xing Pao comes in small, medium and large size. The small variant is a hand grenade, medium variant is an explosive shell launched from a bombard or mortar, while the large variant, too heavy to be thrown or launched, is strapped to the back of a pack animal to be used as living bomb.

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