20 September 2015

Gou Lian Dao (鈎鐮刀)

Ming Dynasty Hooked Glaive
Drawing of a Gou Lian Dao, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Gou Lian Dao (鈎鐮刀, lit. 'Hook sickle glaive') is a Chinese polearm that resembles, but distinct from, Yan Yue Dao (偃月刀). Instead of a forward-pointing protrusion like that of Yan Yue Dao, Gou Lian Dao has a sharpened hook on the back of its blade that points backwards.


  1. Is the sharpened edge on the convex (like the yanyue dao) or concave side? Or the entire thing?

    1. Wu Bei Zhi does not specify, although it's almost certainly sharpened on the concave side.

    2. Is the outside of the hook sharpened?

      Also how long is the weapon, blade and shaft?

    3. Also not specified.

      I'd assume no, and assume it is about the same size and length to standard Yanyuedao.


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