Blogs I follow

逸佚居 (Traditional Chinese)
A blog that contains many in-depth researches of Ming and Qing military.

勁定門人──韋雙翎 (Traditional Chinese)
A blog created by Wei Shuang Lin (韋雙翎), a student under Bajiquan master Liu Yun Qiao (劉雲樵), himself a disciple of Baji grandmaster Li Shu Wen (李書文). Contains many researches and reconstructions of Ming period martial arts in easy-to-absorb pictorial form.

RSW (擬真兵器) 研究室 (Traditional Chinese)
Blog of Lancelot Chan, creator of RSW (Realistic Sparring Weapon). Extremely knowledgeable in HEMA, Eastern martial arts, and the weapons used by respective traditions.

Brennan Translation (English)
A blog dedicated to the translation of old Chinese martial arts manuals, courtesy of Paul Brennan.