Dao Ma Huo She Shen Gun (倒馬火蛇神棍)

Ming Chinese handgonne-fire lance
Two Dao Ma Huo She Shen Gun, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Dao Ma Huo She Shen Gun (倒馬火蛇神棍, lit. 'Horse-tipping fire snake divine staff') is a combination handgonne/fire lance designed for anti-cavalry purpose, clearly following the Chinese doctrine of "countercharging enemy cavalry" with relatively short weapon.

Dao Ma Huo She Shen Gun comes in two different variants: a single-shot variant that resembles a shortened (seven chiKuai Qiang (快鎗), and a double-ended variant that resembles a Bian Chong (邊銃). The single-shot variant is loaded with lead pellets as well as fire and poison smoke-generating gunpowder, and shoots both at the same time, while the double-ended variant shoots lead pellets from one end (as handgonne) and project fire and poison smoke from the other end (as fire lance).

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