Mu Bang (木梆)

Ming Dynasty Swinging Log Trap with Gun
Drawing of a Mu Bang (highlighted), from 'Chong Ke Wu Lue Shen Ji (《重刻武略神機》)'.
Mu Bang (木梆, lit. 'Wooden rattle') is yet another Chinese modification of the ever-ubiquitous swinging log trap. Named after Yu Bang (魚梆, lit. 'Fish rattle'), a Buddhist percussion instrument in the form of a hollowed wooden log carved into a fish shape, this weapon is highly similar to Shen Xian Zi Fa Pai Che Chong (神仙自發排車銃), although it only comes with four guns and lacks the spikes, flamethrowers, smoke tubes and time-delay fuse found on its more vicious counterpart.

A Yu Bang. This large instrument is possibly the precursor of the smaller wooden fish.

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