Lan Gu Huo You Shen Pao (爛骨火油神砲)

Ming Chinese Bone-festering firebomb
Drawing of a Lan Gu Huo You Shen Pao, from 'Wu Bei Zi (《武備志》)'.
Lan Gu Huo You Shen Pao (爛骨火油神砲, lit. 'Bone-festering fire oil divine bomb') is a cast iron shell launched from a bombard or mortar, similar to Zuan Feng Shen Huo Liu Xing Pao (鑽風神火流星砲). The shell is filled with unorthodox ingredients such as flammable tung oil, silver rust, borax dust, dried human feces, garlic oil, iron pellets and ceramic fragments.

Lan Gu Huo You Shen Pao functions as a incendiary-poison smoke-fragmentation shell like many other explosive ammunition in the Ming arsenal, although it is one of the few that still utilises flammable oil (instead of pure black powder) as incendiary agent.


  1. I think this looks more like a hand grenade rather than a cannon shell.

    1. The bomb is explicitly described as a variant of Liu Xing Pao, so it can be thrown, launched from a bombard or used as animal bomb depending on size.