Lang Ya Bang (狼牙棒)

Wolf's tooth club
Drawing of a Lang Ya Bang, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
The weapon that came to be known as Lang Ya Bang (狼牙棒, lit. 'Wolf's tooth cudgel') appeared relatively early in China's history. First used by warriors of the ancient Dian (滇) Kingdom, it is more well known as the fearsome anti-armour weapon of the Jin Dynasty (金朝). Lang Ya Bang is a large, usually two-handed wooden cudgel with an oblong spiked head. It bears some resemblance to English Holy Water Sprinkler.

Note that while Wu Bei Zhi depicts a Lang Ya Bang with upward-pointing spikes, most Lang Ya Bang actually have downward-pointing spikes.

Cheng Zi Yi's modified Lang Ya Gun (狼牙棍)
Soldier wielding a Lang Ya Gun, from 'Wu Bei Yao Lue (《武備要略》)'.
Late Ming period military writer Cheng Zi Yi (程子頤) designed a different Lang Ya Bang with an elongated head and shortened handle. He claimed that his design is better suited on horseback than the original version.

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