Zi Mu Chong (子母銃)

Ming Dynasty Grenade Handgonne
Drawing of a Zi Mu Chong and its ammunition, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Zi Mu Chong (子母銃, lit. 'Mother and child gun'), also known as Zi Mu Pao (子母砲, lit. 'Mother and child cannon') is a type of primitive hand mortar similar to Fei Meng Pao (飛礞砲). Unlike Fei Meng Pao, the fuse of the grenade, called Zi Mu Ping (子母瓶, lit. 'Mother and child bottle'), has to be lit separately before firing. Its primary use is to disrupt enemy camp at night.

It should not be confused with another weapon with the same name, which is a breech-loading matchlock arquebus, or a type of Qing Dynasty breech-loading cannon, also known as Zi Mu Pao.

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