Tie Gou Qiang (鐵鈎鎗)

Ming Dynasty Voulge-Guisarme
Drawing of a Tie Gou Qiang, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Despite being called a Qiang (鎗), Tie Gou Qiang (鐵鈎鎗, lit. 'Iron hook spear') is not a spear, but a chopping polearm that combines a cleaver blade and a hook. It is usually used in conjunction with Ai Pai (挨牌).

Tie Gou Qiang is very similar to European voulge-guisarme and couteau de brèche. It is not related to Gou Qiang (鈎鎗) or Gou Lian Qiang (鈎鐮鎗), which are actual spears.

A replica couteau de brèche that is almost identical to Tie Gou Qiang. (Source: Armes D'hast)

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