Shao Lin Gun (少林棍)

Ming Dynasty Quarterstaff
Drawing of a Shao Lin Gun, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Named after the famous Shaolin Monastery, Shao Lin Gun (少林棍, Shaolin quarterstaff) is a simple quarterstaff measuring eight chi to eight chi five cun in length and two and a half to three catties in weight. It is usually slightly longer than Da Bang (大棒), another Chinese quarterstaff, but lighter. There is also an iron version of Shao Lin Gun, which is one chi shorter, but weighs five times as much as the wooden version.

Unlike Da Bang, Shao Lin Gun is rarely employed as battlefield weapon (except by the monks themselves). However its techniques can be integrated into the techniques of Chang Qiang (長鎗).

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