Chong Che (衝車)

Ming Chinese Chong Che
Drawing of a Chong Che, from 'Wu Bei Yao Lue (《武備要略》)'.
Chong Che (衝車, lit. 'Assault cart') is one of the 'Classic Trio' of Chinese siege engine that had been in use since Warring States period. Ming Dynasty Chong Che is very different from its predecessor from antiquity, as the invention of gunpowder weaponry changed the nature of siege warfare drastically. Instead of assaulting the wall directly, it is used to blast down enemy fortifications with cannons before sending the troops in.

Chong Che is a small, three stories tall siege tower with four wheels. It is armoured with thick willow planking covered in cowhides, and equipped with two Wei Yuan Pao (威遠砲) and two Da Jiang Jun Pao (大將軍炮) at the front, and six Wei Yuan Pao on each side, for a total of sixteen cannons. A Chong Che has sixteen gunners in addition to twenty-four men to push the tower.

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