Shen Huo Wan Quan Tie Wei Ying (神火萬全鐵圍營)

Ming Dynasty Rocket Cart
Drawing of a Shen Huo Wan Quan Tie Wei Ying, from 'Wu Bei Zhi (《武備志》)'.
Shen Huo Wan Quan Tie Wei Ying (神火萬全鐵圍營, lit. 'Perfect iron fence of divine fire'), sometimes shortened to Shen Huo Tie Wei Ying (神火鐵圍營, lit. 'Iron fence of divine fire'), is probably the earliest iteration of the Chinese rocket cart. It is a heavy wagon mounted with four wooden cabinets. Each cabinet contains four Shen Nu (神弩, lit. 'Divine crossbow'), four Shen Jian (神箭, lit. 'Divine arrow'), four Shen Qiang (神槍) and four Shen Qian (神鉛, lit. 'Divine lead') or Shen Dan (神彈, lit. 'Divine bullet'), for a total of sixty-four firearms.

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