Ming armours and helmets from military treatise 'Bing Lu (《兵錄》)'

Ming Dynasty Rattan Armour
Chi Teng Jia (赤藤甲) (left) and paper armour (right).
Ming Dynasty Armour
Gang Si Lian Huan Jia (鋼絲連鐶甲, lit. 'Steel wire chain armour') or mail shirt (left) and Tang Ni Kai (唐猊鎧, lit. 'Lion armour') (right).
Ming Dynasty Armguard
Paper armguard (left) and two sets of metal armguards (right).
Chinese Armor
Various kinds of armours and helmets.
Ming Dynasty Helmet
Tang Ni Kui (唐猊盔, lit. 'Lion helmet') and rattan hat helmet.
Late Ming Dynasty armours and helmets from Bing Lu (《兵錄》), written in 1606. Ming armies during this period favoured brigandine and studded cotton armour over traditional lamellar or scale armour.

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